God Always Provides (GAP)

Care and Help

Local Agencies That Provide Help and Assistance

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Our GAP program provides grocery meals to locally selected schools of elementary-age children.  The GAP grocery items list provide enough meals for their entire families.  If you would like to donate, please review the grocery items which can be dropped off at the church Tuesday through Thursday. 

If you would like to donate online financially to help support the GAP program, click below, and once on the donation page select GAP.  

GAP Grocery Items List

Pudding Cups
Peanut Butter (Plastic Jars/No Glass)
Jelly (Plastic Jars/No Glass)
Snack Crackers
Snack Chips
Juice Boxes
Fruit Cups
Apple Sauce
Tuna Fish Cans
Tuna Helper
Canned Chicken
Chicken Helper
Parmalat or Powdered Milk
Granola or Fruit Bars
Ramen Noodles

Our Care and Help program provides support to individuals and families that need help and assistance.  Please contact us using the form below and we will make contact with you after reviewing your request. 


Thank you for your kind support and love... you are making a difference reaching our community with the love of God.